When Richard Bowden returned to his hometown of Linden, Texas after several years as half of the successful musical comedy team of Pinkard and Bowden, he arrived with dreams of making his hometown as important to people from out of town as it was to him and his friends.  He took an active role in the community and joined forces with a group of his friends that were dreaming of restoring the town’s vacant American Legion hall to serve a similar purpose as it had during their childhood.  Local residents had often gathered to dance to the music of local musicians including Richard and his friends including David Lovelace, Greg Attaway, John Early, Joe Hamilton, David Hulme and Pat Roberson.  Many Lindenites joined in that new energy to bring those memories to a new life, and in 2003 Music City Texas Theater opened its doors.


Not long after Richard had returned in 1998, a group had assembled including Richard and former Roger McGuinn Band mates David Lovelace & Greg Attaway along with other locals John Early and Joe Hamilton.

Richard Bowden Greg Attaway John Early Joe Hamilton David Lovelace


They worked up an eclectic set list of songs and, using some of Richard's Pinkard & Bowden acquired contacts, made some out of town bookings and, in between their regular employment duties, managed a string of appearances over the next few years.  When their Music City Texas Theater opened in 2003, they began a regular schedule of monthly First Saturday shows.  But unfortunately, soon after that David would lose a long battle with his health and pass at much too early an age.  Eventually, another friend and local musician, Pat Roberson, would join the group to partially fill the void. Additionally, David’s brother Richard Lovelace would then occasionally sit in on keys.  By 2005, a Jefferson native living in Arlington, Texas, Mark Carlisle Harrell, would join the band as a regular keyboardist and Joe would leave the band for other pursuits.  By 2006-2007, Mark was getting a number of competing bookings close to his Metro area home limiting his availability to the band.  A former band mate of Richard's from many years prior, Mark Vidito, had recently relocated from Southern California to the Dallas area and was available to sub in for Mark "1."  And by 2007, Mark "2" had replaced Mark "1" in the lineup.


Pat Roberson Richard Lovelace Mark Carlisle Harrell Mark Vidito

In the summer of 2007, the band made a decision to assemble a CD project in hopes of pursuing some additional opportunities to perform. With the help of Robin Hood Brians and his Robin Hood Studio in Tyler, Texas, they recorded a mixture of songs they liked and also thought of as audience favorites into a compilation entitled "Rising Over Texas."  They released the CD in 2008 and performed at various times up until the summer of 2012, when after some health issues and career conflicts dissipated the group's energy, the group stopped performing. Their last performance was in Winnsboro, Texas at Crossroads Music Company on August 11, 2012.



Matt Early

A combined list of the final lineup's individual performance history credits includes some pretty respected talents.  Collectively and alphabetically, if you’ve seen or heard any of these performers you may have already experienced the talent of one or more of these guys:


Chuck Berry - Blue Steel - Jackson Browne - Burrito Brothers - The Chandeliers - Chapter One - Cold Steel - Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen - Crossroads - John Day - Dixie Hot Shots - The Drifters - Duck, Mole & Catfish - The Eagles - Ensky - Don Everly - Felicity - Freddie Fender - David and Carol Flynn - Dan Fogelberg - Fool’s Gold - Forever and a Day - The Four Speeds - Lud Grande - Greg Harris - Alexander Harvey - Don Henley - Hickory Hill - The Jades - Doug Kershaw - Lone Star - Matt Margucci - Dan McCorison - Stevie Nicks - Roger McGuinn - Pacific - Pecos - Pinkard & Bowden - Purple Cigar - Bonnie Raitt - Johnny Rodriquez - Linda Ronstadt - Sawyer Brown - Shiloh - Mike Wiggins & Loco

Matt Early - Live Audio Producer

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